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Useful travel information

The Ministry of Interior Department of Public Security announces that due to the G7 summit, which will take place soon in Italy, the Central Migration and Border Police Directorate has announced the temporary restoration of internal border controls, art. 25 of EU Regulation 2016/399 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016, from 00:00 of May 10th to 24:00 of the next day May 30.

A specific decree was issued by the Minister of the Interior on 06/04/2017, meaning its art. 3 to make the maximum advertising on this matter, “also by means of information bodies”


Please be willing to collaborate for the controls by keeping available identity documents and travel certificates, and following the instructions given by our ashore and board staff personnel in service. Finally, it should be remembered that once inside the pre-embarkation area, it will not be possible to exit except for emergencies.


From this section, you can login the transport conditions and learn all the details about the passenger insurance.

A fluent description easy to read, concerning situations that can be experienced daily on-board SNAV cruise ferries will allow you to get prepared and know what to do, for example in case of lost or stolen ticket, or embarking deadline or luggage insurance coverage.
In the suitable page, you will find useful tips and advices to solve travelling issues such as claims, ship delays, refunds or reporting lost objects.

For additional information, contact SNAV offices at

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