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Pescara-Hvar cruise ferry: travelling towards fun, nature and culture

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The Island of Hvar is a destination particularly appreciated by tourists, perhaps because considered among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. Hvar is a reference point especially for young people who wish to spend their holidays in Croatia, thanks to the numerous entertainment spots, above all in the anonymous city of Hvar, and thanks to the possibility to find various accommodation options: from camping grounds to private homes, up to the most luxurious hotels.

SNAV offers direct transfers to Hvar Island with departures from Pescara. Pescara-Stari Grad-Hvar route is travelled with high-speed ferries that will allow you to reach the island with a quick and pleasant trip.

You can travel in total comfort on-board Pescara Hvar high-speed ferries. Many are the places to visit on the island: from the cities of Hvar, Jelsa and Vrboska up to Stari Grad, the ancient city of timeless charm.

One of the main attractions of the island consists of its famous beaches and inlets, some of which are easy to reach, while others are hidden by trails that climb up the pine woods and the rich vegetation of Hvar. The sea is clear and transparent.

If you wish to visit the charming Island of Hvar, depart on-board SNAV Pescara-Hvar cruise ferries and live your dream holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations of Croatia.