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Management and Control Organization Model

SNAV, as navigation company, complies with a strict ethic code shared by all the members who work for our company. Compliance with shared ethic principles is essential for corporate growth and establishing of a good image.

We make efforts every day to offer decorous work conditions to our employees and collaborators in order to exploit every skill and talent of each individual. Thanks to the organisation and shared values, it is possible to reach important goals in line with licit and upright competition.

We are committed to provide safe transport conditions to our employees and passengers, with ships and hydrofoil boats which are kept in perfect operating and efficiency status. All our corporate activities take place in compliance with applicable laws. Compliance with laws represents an essential aspect of our work, as we have the duty to guarantee optimal transport conditions to travellers.

Service quality is ensured in every step of the relationship with the customer, from booking up to the actual trip. In this respect, we activated numerous channels to offer constant assistance to our customers: from the social page, to the call center and website, that allow communicating according to foreseen methods.

We are also committed in ensuring to our partners, a relationship based on transparency, respect and we offer travel and promotion packages that can be sold to customers without any issue.

For additional details on SNAV’s ethic code, please click the link below to download the document.