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Aeolian Islands

Naples – Panarea cruise ferry: holidays characterised by fun

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SNAV services the Naples Panarea route every summer thanks to the line that connects the Neapolitan chief town to the Aeolian Islands. In particular, Panarea is the smallest island of the entire archipelago. Despite the size, in recent years the island has become the favourite destination for those who want to have fun and enjoy the night life with its bars and trendy spots.

As the other Aeolian Islands, Panarea is of volcanic origin; however, the arid landscape is in contrast with the vast areas characterised by the typical Mediterranean maquis. The island is rich of bays and inlets, as well as beaches where you can dive in the clear blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. You will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for tasting the culinary delights of the Aeolian Islands. Then at night, get ready to experience the “movida” of Panarea, where young people worldwide enjoy spending their holidays.