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Cruise ferries to Medjugorje: the trip turns into a spiritual experience

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With Snav, you can travel to Medjugorje in cruise ferry until Split and then reaching the cult place with a practical transfer by bus or car.

Thanks to our cruise ferry service to Medjugorje, you travel comfortably and safely on Snav Adriatic vessels that will allow you to reach Split in just a few hours, travelling in total comfort:

  • suite for utmost relax
  • fine catering services
  • duty free shopping area for  your purchases on-board
  • pizzerias, ice-cream parlours and areas for leisure time

Reaching Medjugorje from Split is easy! You can comfortably travel by car: in fact, most of the trip is via motorway, departing from Dugopolje (Split) and driving until Vrgorac exit, located near Medjugorje.

Alternatively, you can reach Medjugorje by bus: there are various public and private companies that offer daily departures from Split.