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If you live on the islands of Procida and Ischia and need to travel by sea every day, quickly and comfortably, then the SNAV Annual Pass is the tailor-made solution for your needs.

Designed for those who need to frequently reach the mainland, the island of Ischia and the island of Procida, the Annual Pass allows you to travel on the SNAV hydrofoils at prices even cheaper for the routes:

Naples Beverello – Ischia Casamicciola and vice versa
Naples Beverello – Procida and vice versa
Procida – Ischia Casamicciola and vice versa

The Annual Subscription CARD can be requested only by residents of the municipalities of the island of Ischia and Procida.

Also through your restricted area, starting from 48h and up to 1h before of departure, you can book your place on our fast boats from your smartphone or online and get on board directly.

With the Annual Pass you are entitled to only one daily round trip.

The costs per route are as follows:
Naples Beverello – Casamicciola round trip € 850
Naples Beverello – Procida round trip € 679.70
Procida – Casamicciola round trip € 385

Subscribing to a SNAV Annual Pass is very simple and the associated CARD has an issue cost of €10.

To obtain the SNAV Annual Pass, it is necessary to download the form and send it completed in all its parts, together with the required attachments, to the e-mail address abbonamenti@snav. it .

Alternatively, the form, together with the required documents, can be delivered in person at the Ischia ticket offices, the Procida ticket offices or at the SNAV offices at the Naples Maritime Station.

We remind you that the Annual Subscription CARD is strictly personal and it cannot be transferred to third parties.